Top 10 things to see in Ho Chi Minh City Tour

Notre Dame Cathedral

If you are planning to travel Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City must be in your destination list as the biggest, busiest city in this country. Though you may not spend lots of time here, you definitely should not miss the following 10 things to see in your Saigon city tour

  • Ben Thanh Market

    It would be a huge waste if you miss the markets in Saigon City Tour. Ben Thanh Market can be the most well-known market in Saigon but only for tourists. It does not have typical features of a Vietnamese traditional market, which is full of locals selling a wide variety of goods. It sells fresh meat, fish, vegetables and even alive chickens, ducks.

  • Notre Dame Cathedrals

    Located right in the center of the city, in the heart of tourist area, so your Ho Chi Minh City Tour can easily include this stop. This church was built in the French colony and became the most famous one nowadays. The square right in front of the Notre Dame is the gathering spot of young people as well as the ideal place for taking wedding photos.

    Things to see in Saigon
    Things to see in Saigon

  • The Turtle Lake

    Though just 10 minutes walking from the Notre Dame and Central Post Office, this spot is not as famous to tourists as the other two. It is, however, the favorite one of local young people. Though it is named Turtle Lake, you cannot find any turtles here as before 1975 there was actually a giant metal turtle, which was later destroyed. If you are excited to have an extraordinary feeling in Ho Chi Minh City Tour, you should try sitting on the side of the lake while enjoying the tasty street foods such as Vietnamese pizza, stir-fried corn or grilled eggs.

  • Central Post Office

    Not far away from the Notre Dame Cathedrals is the Central Post Office. This building was also built around 1890, when Saigon was under the French colony. You should not miss this spot in the Ho Chi Minh City Tour as not only it is located in the center of the city but it also has special architectural features and the most interesting thing about this is the oldest letter-writing man working in it.

    Saigon City Tour

  • The Independence Palace

    If you are interested in Vietnam history, your Ho Chi Minh City Tour must include this spot. It was built up in the French colony time and became the home of the presidents of the Republic of Vietnam before 1975. On 30/4/1975, this palace witnessed the historical event of uniting the North and South of Vietnam.

    Ho Chi Minh City Tour
    Ho Chi Minh City Tour

Temples and Pagodas
80% of Vietnam population is Buddhist, so temples and pagodas are an essential part of the religious life here. It is not difficult to see a temple or pagoda on Ho Chi Minh City Tour, and this must encourage tourists to visit one. The most famous temple in Saigon is Thien Hau Madam Temple, located in the China Town and built by Chinese immigrants in around 1760. Having the impressive architecture, the temple will definitely take your breath once you see it.

If you love history and never would like to miss the museums in your travel destinations, here are some suggestions for your Ho Chi Minh City Tour. The War Remnants Museum seems to be the most well-known one to tourists as it shows the historical fight of Vietnamese against two intruding countries: France and The United States. The Museum of Fine Arts can be another good choice.

  • Anh Viet Tourist Hop On Hop Off bus

  • Saigon Hop on hop off bus city tour

    The most interesting part in a Ho Chi Minh City Tour must be the bus. If this is your first time here, such busy traffic may confuse you at first. But no worries a Saigon bus city tour may help you not only getting used to the traffic here but also discovering the city better. English speaking guides will bring you to local exciting places.

  • bui vien street

  • The Tourist Town(Bui vien)

    This is the nickname of Bui Vien Street, where you can find more tourists than locals. This is the busiest street at night with vendor bars, pubs, foot massage shops and many other interesting things. If Bangkok has Khaosan Road, Ho Chi Minh City Tour has Bui Vien Street. If your hotel is not on this street, you should try walking there and blending in its busy atmosphere.

  • The Opera House

  • The Opera House with À Ố Show

    Located on Dong Khoi Street, The Opera House was constructed under the French colony and has been renovated recently. The square in front of the Opera House is a favorite gathering spot of young people. At certain nights every week, there is the performance named À Ố Show, which portrays the rudimentary life of the Vietnamese in various art forms, which would be a unique of your Ho Chi Minh City Tour