Things to know about Saigon

Ho Chi Minh City  Saigon has exotic food, colonial architecture, and memories. If you’re looking for Top 10 restaurants to see and enjoy in Ho chi Minh city, check out this topic … to discover little-known sites, talk to locals, and really get to know a new city

1. Friendly Saigon People

The first thing to know about Saigon is people, they are always friendly. They do not distinguish between regions but are friendly to all. If you are an expat to live in Saigon, you will easily fit in with the people here because they always greet you in a natural way and most exuberant.

Saigon people enthusiastically help other people, even people that do not know. Have you ever run the car on the street, you are startled when you see people chasing just to remind that you have gotten a tripod yet? You could not say thank you, that person is gone? That is Saigon. They help others but do not require a statement of thanks or reward at all. Tourists come here please do not hesitate to ask directions people around. Not only will they tell you in detail to each intersection, street corners, but they can also lead you if you add sugar.

Saigon girls are ingenious but equally dynamic. Saigon boys are strong, healthy and gallantry. If you have a chance to visit the university, or see the active participation of young people in Saigon, you will wonder: “How can they be so energetic, enthusiastic and resourceful like that.”

saigon people

2. Food

there are few things to know about Saigon food, it brings together the essence of every regional cuisine. From the savory food such as Hanoi’s bun bo Hue, Quang noodles, … to snacks like cake mix, white tea segment, sour fried spring rolls, lemon tea, … are in place here. So just ask a knowledgeable person in Saigon, you can enjoy the fullness of dishes without going round the country

vietnamese traditional food

3. Holidays

Everyday is holiday for the Saigon people, evening is the time to go for relaxing. Saigon is busy and bustling during the day or night. You may know in other cities, 10 pm is time to turn off the lights and sleep but it’s different in Saigon, you could go out until morning, but still crowded. There are roads like Bui Vien, Pham Ngu Lao in District 1, foreign tourists, domestic and citizens can come together to communicate throughout the night. Those roads are always lit. The bar, restaurant, pub, or sidewalk cafes decorated but very much affordable, satisfying chatting and taking pictures of the young. In addition, there are many restaurants opened at night, the 24h stores can serve pedestrians at any time with all commodities, food, drinks, medicine.

4. Parks

Saigon has lot of green parks with park broad, it’s clean and convenient to people. For example, Tao Dan Park, outside the sight of untouched green trees, fresh air and beautiful park benches, it also has a fitness area with exercise machines and all kinds of children’s playground it’s colorful beautiful & cheerful. Not just the kids have fun but also young students gathering here for organizing offline, play group games, have fun. Public park is one of the coolest things in Saigon.

Things to know about Saigon
Things to know about Saigon

5. Lifestyle

People in Saigon prefer open and independent lifestyle. When the children grow up they do not depend on their parents but often make money by their own. Certifications are not very important. Candidates are recruited by their talent and experience rather than a piece of cardboard in color. As a result, many people from other cities flocks here.

Things to know about Saigon
Things to know about Saigon

And thrives Like any other places in the world, Saigon has both its good and bad things. However, by looking at the positive aspects, we still find the most wonderful things in Saigon, it’s still awesome in its own way!