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Ben Thanh market


Ho Chi Minh City was officially named in July 1976 when the National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam changed its name from Saigon. The name Saigon is still referred to as the official name of the city.


Ben Thanh market is a must-see for anyone who has arrived in this city. The market with the 4-side clock tower has become the symbol of the biggest city in Southern Vietnam.Ben Thành market first existed in the history to facilitate transportation and business activities. Ben Thanh market is located at the exact center of the center of Ho Chi Minh city.

Not until 1983 it was the railway station which is destroyed and moved to its current location in Hoà Hưng, District 3. Part of the station was converted into a park now.The original wooden-made market was built in 1860. At that time it is located near the wharf of Saigon River and surrounded by the old “trigrams” (or Bagua) Citadel. The name “Bến Thành” (which literally means Citadel’s port) has been taken granted for more than 150 years.


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Decades gone by, the market suffered bad conditions and nearly shut it down. In 1911, French colonial power in Saigon moved it to where we’re standing now and built a new one.Today, Ben Thanh market is considered as a historical monument, as it bears the unique traits of the hundred-years-old market without feeling irrelevant or looking out of place in the busy city life. Going through many ups and downs, it is still here to witness the development of the biggest hub in Vietnam and show how wonderful is Vietnamese culture.

Not far from the market is a famous restaurant, Pho 2000 Saigon. This is where  the former President of the United States of America Bill Clinton and his delegations once sampled the Vietnam’s signature dish. Ben Thanh market hosts more than 3000 kiosks and small businesses selling numerous wholesale and retail items. The Sellers in Ben Thanh market have won  hearts and surprised the foreigners with their beauty, confidence and good command of foreign languages.