Pho Viet Nam

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Pho Vietnam’s famous traditional food noodle with broth

Pho Vietnam’s famous traditional food noodle with broth, meat and veggies.

“Fresh, healthy and tasty, the tangy stock, with fresh herbs, noodles and optional

meat has ardent fans… it is cheap to produce, affordable for diners and delicious to

eat.”-BBC Food

1. History of Pho of Vietnam.

Pho is the traditional dish of Vietnamese cuisine and could be viewed as the

symbol of Vietnam and Vietnamese Culinary Art. Tourists can find Pho in any

Vietnamese restaurant in almost every big city in the world from Tokyo to New

York, from London to Paris. Pho is not simply a dish; it is the pride of Vietnam.

Many tourists believe that a real, authentic Pho could only be found in

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. In fact, Hanoi’s Pho has been famous for many years

but it does not mean that Pho in other areas do not taste good. It is because there is

no such thing called the right way to cook  Pho. Different restaurants cook Pho

differently, yet there always are common features.

2. Preparation of Pho.

A Vietnamese traditional Pho must consist of the magical broth from beef

bones, thin sliced beef meat or chicken and fresh herbs. The broth was cooked for

hours so all the flavors and sweetness from the bones and the spices come out. The

spice used in Pho broth is very diverse and most of the ingredients used is the family or diners

secret. Basically, the special spice of Pho broth is a combination of several spices

including star anise, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, and so on. Onion and ginger are

also very important. After being cooked long enough, at least 6 hours, you will get

the best broth ever that is worth all of your effort. Put some Pho noodle inside the

bowl, then put on top of it some sliced raw beef meat and onion, sliced chilly. You

are about to tastes heaven on your tongue.

pho - tasty foods of vietnam

Vietnamese dishes are typically served with lots of greens, herbs, vegetables,

and various other accompaniments, such as dipping sauces, hot and spicy pastes,

and a squeeze of lime or lemon juice, Pho is no different. The dish is garnished with

ingredients such as green onions, white onions, Thai basil, fresh chili peppers,

lemon or lime wedges, bean sprouts, and cilantro (coriander leaves) or cilantro. Fish

sauce, hoisin sauce, and hot chili sauce should always be available.

Nowadays, Pho is not only diverse in term of taste; the diversity of form of

Pho is also welcomed by food lovers. You can find Pho Xao, Pho Cuon, and so on.

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