Besides being known for selling traditional medicinal herbs, Hai Thuong Lan Ong street is specialized in selling decorative items and ornaments, a cultural activity of Chinese Vietnamese in Saigon.

On special occasions like Mid-Autumn Festival, or Lunar New Year, the town is spectacularly hectic and adorned with Oriental features. Shops selling thousand kinds of colourful decorative items that are the symbol of luck such as red envelops, artificial yellow apricot and red peach trees, carps, gold coins and gold bars, lights, lanterns, parallel sentences and gifts.. …etc attract thousands of people coming to shop and enjoy the atmospheric scene. The street is always crowded during these periods. It is said that decorative items are not only products for sales but the soul of this Chinese street.

At night, the street is very crowded and brighten with glittering colors. If visitors happen to be in Ho Chi Minh City at these times, don’t hesitate to join the crowd of people.